Congrats to our Student Ambassador 2.0

Congrats to our Student Ambassador 2.0

To announce our “Student Ambassador,” we are ecstatic. Let’s lend a hand as we warmly greet the campus’s rising stars. A life milestone that is thrilling for everyone is acquiring a new activity. Being able to express your joy in a considerate letter is a wonderful approach to assist others and be a good friend or family member. This exercise, in our opinion, benefits your future career and life.

After receiving over 300 submissions from various institutes, we are happy to present our list of Student Ambassadors today. Especially with an incredible year ahead for our company, we are beyond thrilled to have you officially join the team.

Meet our new Student Ambassador 2.0,

Sumaiya Khatun 

Shifatul Islam Emon    

Soyed Mehedi Hassain    

NayeemSalman Rahman Poran    

Rashedul Islam Shefat    

Riyadul Islam

Mushfiqur Rahman Shanto

Mostain Billah

Shimul Chakraborty

Mohima Sharmin

Minhadul Nithil

Md. Eftakhar Amir Alif

Md. Rasel

Md. Maruf Masrafe 

Md. Jobayed Hossain Rabbi

Md. Amir Faysal

Md. Abdur Rakib

Md. Abdur Rafi

Md Salman Mahmud Somrat

Md Naimul Islam Noyon

Md Kamruzzaman

K.M. Arafat Islam

Ariful Rahman Tuhin

Mohd. Anzmul Karim

Rabeya Afrin Muniya

Jannatul Mowa

Mehraj Hossain Mahi

Mehedi Hasan Nayeem

Sayad Md. Asif

Md Naimul Islam Noyon

Sumiya Akter

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