Klaipedos valstybine kolegija (KVK), Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the most bilingual and most educated countries in Europe. It offers excellent academic institutions, innovative facilities and more than 350 English-taught studies. We are very pleased to inform you that Admission.ac is now authorized represented Klaipedos valstybine kolegija, Lithuania for applied science.  It is the only university in Lithuania that implements BA programs such as Marine Hydrology, Marine Environment, Shipping and Port Engineering.

Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Internationally recognized higher education system as well as quality of life is high
  • Relatively affordable
  • KVK counts 100 years of experience in preparing professional practitioners
  • Its people are friendly and welcoming
  • The culture and food are extraordinary
  • It’s easy to get a visa
  • currently ranked among the top 30% of higher education institutions in the region

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